Sometimes even the best consultant needs help

Meta Consulting

Meta Consulting Ltd. has experiences in several industries, we’ve successfully delivered projects in the areas of finance, insurance, FMCG, telecommunication and we have experiences in public administration, government agencies and education, too.


We do consultancy and can deliver projects in the areas of Data Warehousing, Management Information & Reporting Systems, Operative and Analytical CRMs.

We used to work on all major technology platforms.

In connection to DW & BI we can help you in Meta Data Management and Data Quality issues.

Business intelligence, data warehousing

Within IT consulting we can help you in creating IT strategy, vendor/supplier/technology selection, project management and quality assurance.

If you are a consulting or development company, we can help you in creating proposals & presentations, we can provide you “meta consulting” in system & database design, project management and reviews.

IT consulting, meta consulting

When delivering project, we always try to choose and use the most appropriate solution and partner that fits the best to our customers’ needs and possibilities (“best-of-breed” approach)

As a system integrator we help our customers in requirement gathering, system-, architecture & database design, project management. After delivering the solution we used to play the “single point of support” role, too.

Beside Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and analytic systems we can provide services in the areas of document management, knowledge management and risk management.


System integration

Based on our customers needs we (along with our selected partners) develop custom-made, tailored systems that solve or help to solve our customers’ problems in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Within system development we provide services  for system & architecture design, data modelling, ETL programming, data migration both for transactional and for decision support systems.

In the area of modelling we develop and/or customize logical and physical data models, normalized and dimensional models and process models, based on our experiences and on our partners reference models.

Custom development, data modelling