Sometimes even the best consultant needs help

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About Meta Consulting

Meta Consulting Ltd. was established in 2002 by professionals having several years of experiences in the areas of information technology, finance and management.

Our goal was to build a company that provides consultancy, software development and system integration services to its clients throughout the CEE region using proven, international best-practices.

We help our customers and partners delivering complex IT projects smoothly by eliminating or at least minimizing the associated risks by providing experienced consultants.

We are a small, focused company without the overhead of the large system integrators. This is why we can provide good quality at fair price. Because of our size, we are extremely flexible, we can respond to our customers’ daily needs immediately.

One of our main goals is to create such a cooperation with our clients that guarantees long-term satisfaction. As we used to say, we’d like to work so well, that we don’t have spend on marketing, because of our satisfied clients becoming returning “visitors”.

We are proud to say that we’ve reached this goal as most of our engagements are coming from our previous clients.


About our name. What is Meta Consulting?

From time-to-time even the best consultant needs help, to discuss problems, ideas, possible solutions with someone who can be trusted, who can look at it from a different point-of-view.
Beside this, we recognized that there are specific tasks for our partners (and clients) that require special knowledge, must be completed in a limited time and have to be done in good quality.

This when a good external consultant can help a lot.

The name Meta Consulting comes from this “consulting for consultants” approach, as we put it in our slogan: “Sometimes even the best consultant needs help!”


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